Live in (24hr) Care

At FiNN Homecare we specialise in providing a live in care service that is second to none! We have at our disposal an extensive resource of carers allowing us to guarantee that the carer you get meets all of your needs, wishes and helps you achieve your goals.

Live in care offers individuals the opportunity to stay at home and remain as independent as possible whilst at the same time meeting all of your care needs.

The service is growing rapidly throughout the UK and is often preferred to over the traditional Care Home. Our live in care service starts at just £910 per week and offers fantastic value for money creating a 1 to 1 setting that can hugely benefit anyone from companionship, rehabilitation, palliative care to end-of-life care.

Domiciliary Care (Daily visits)​

Domiciliary Care is seen as the first stepping stone when first receiving care. It has the ability to provide a support level that is not invasive and can be tailored to your needs and abilities and work around your personal life.

You can rest assured knowing that our care team are provided with extensive training to industry standards and go through all the necessary recruitment checks i.e Advanced DBS checks, references, proof to work in the UK and so on.

We have huge respect for our care team, this is because all of the members of the management have been carers in the past and still are when the need arises. The care team are appreciated in an industry that is renowned for doing just the opposite. Our moto is “A happy care team is a good care team”

Daily visits can range from 30 minutes to several hours and from once a week to several times per day. We can help you determine what is necessary when conducting our home assessment.

Consultancy Service

We know that when a loved one is advised to seek care provision, this can be daunting and often people ask themselves ‘where do I start’?

At FiNN Homecare we offer our clients a consultancy service that will help them determine what help and support they need or might benefit from and how to get that support. We can discuss funding options with you, complete any necessary paperwork and make phone calls on your behalf and speak to our professional colleagues.